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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twenty-nine militants die in Orakzai operation after attack

KALAYA: Security forces claimed on Tuesday to have killed 29 militants during a search operation in Dabori area of Orakzai agency. The operation was carried out after an attack on a checkpost in Arhang village of Dabori by militants in which one hawaldar was killed and nine security personnel were injured.

Officials said the militants had launched a two-pronged attack on the post early on Tuesday morning. They identified the dead as hawaldar Hidayatullah Jan.

After the attack, security forces launched the operation and destroyed several militant hideouts and advanced to Gall and Gandi Tall areas.

During the operation, security forces killed 29 militants and injured 72 others. They also claimed capturing over a dozen insurgents.

However, TTP spokesman for Orakzai agency Hafiz Saeed called journalists from an undisclosed location and claimed that not a single Taliban had been killed or injured in the security forces’ attack.

According to him, TTP had launched a successful attack on the checkpoint, killing 15 and injuring 30 security personnel.

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