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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Akshay steps up his game

Teaches Chitrangada Singh to shake her booty for a song sequence in 'Desi Boyz'

We're not sure if Chitrangada Singh has two left feet, but if she's had to learn dance moves from Akshay Kumar (who isn't much of a dancer himself!) she surely must be missing a beat or two.

Apparently, the actress just could not get her steps right for a song sequence with Akki in Desi Boyz.

Choreographer duo Bosco-Ceasar tried their best as they had just a day to complete the shoot, but for some reason the lady couldn't really perfect the sequence.

Fortunately, for all concerned, B-Town's khiladi stepped up his game. "Akshay was really enjoying the sequence as he loved the track.

When he saw that Chitrangada was struggling with the steps, he readily pitched in to demonstrate the moves to her.

Everyone on the set was pretty surprised because Akshay has never really done this before," reveals a source.

Adds producer Krishika Lulla, "Askhay is an enthusiastic actor and he goes out of the way to help his co-actors."

Back to school
If the picture is anything to go by, the sequence is shot inside the Trinity college classroom, something only Bollywood can pull convincingly.

Akki apparently, not only showed her the moves, but also practiced it with her till she got it right.

"There are two other songs in the film with John and Akshay, which are almost like item numbers. Akshay has been doing a lot of dancing anyway during the shoot.

And as all the songs are being choreographed by Bosco and Ceasar, he got very comfortable with them," the source explains.Read more

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