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Monday, September 19, 2011

LeAnn Rimes in talks for TV role

LeAnn Rimes has been approached about starring in her husband's new TV show.

Eddie Cibrian is currently shooting The Playboy Club. The series follows the first nightclub set up by the adult company Playboy Enterprises ' founded by Hugh Hefner ' in Chicago. It is set in the 60s and is one of the most hotly anticipated shows this year.

The show follows the employees, known as Bunnies, who work in the establishment. Eddie's character Nick Dalton frequents the club, and he's confirmed LeAnn may have a cameo.

'There's been talk about it,' he told ET Online. 'We're trying to figure out something cool and different than just a performance thing. Hopefully we do, she would be great. She'd rather put on a bunny suit than just go up there!'

Jenna Dewan plays one of the Bunnies and can't wait to see what people make of the show. She's sure it will do well as people are fascinated by the era in which it's set.

' believe that there's a certain majestic to the '60s and there's a whole different vibe than what we live in current times,' she explained. 'Thank God for Mad Men. They really opened up the doors for this.'

Naturi Naughton is also a Bunny in the show, and explained she trained hard to ensure she was believable.


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