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Monday, September 26, 2011

Capella Pedregal Residences Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Capella Pedregal Residences
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

Style: Classic Luxury.

Capella Pedregal. A unique place that offers the opportunity to become part of something special. Residences adorned with hand-hewn arbors and trellises, and with color palettes inspired by the very land they're built upon. Casonas, situated over the granite cliffs of Pedregal Mountain, with interiors designed to suit the specific tastes of the owner. As a resident of Capella Pedregal, you haven't found just a home or a place to vacation. You've discovered a truly special place where coming home brings with it a whole new meaning.

Every moment. Every experience. Capella Pedregal brings together a constellation of amenities to create a truly personal experience, crafted with only your unique preferences and desires in mind.

A Concierge. A personal Majordomo. A staff whose services center around you. Your likes. Your tastes. Always stocking what you'll need and anticipating what you'll want — it's almost as if they had a sixth sense. Valet and transportation services provide access to any destination, while three exquisite restaurants provide culinary creations inspired by the traditional flavors of Mexico. Owners also have access to the exclusive Capella Pedregal Yacht Club and its prized fleet of luxury sporting yachts.

Our secluded beaches, private pools, fitness center and Beach Club also provide a wealth of fun and activities, while a full-service Auriga Spa features restorative Mexican and modern healing traditions in several locations, from our mountaintop sanctuary to shoreline treatment sites.

Our illustrious fleet offers boats with amenities that range from three staterooms to a full galley and salon.
Spa Facility
Our signature Auriga Spa, the first in North America for Capella Hotels and Resorts, is the work of internationally acclaimed designer Sylvia Sepielli. Known for drawing upon indigenous cultures for therapies, treatments and rituals, she has brought to life a spa steeped in the tradition of Mexican folk healers, known as Curanderos, who support healing in the three realms — material, spiritual and mental.
Fine Dining on Site
Casual fare infused with local flavors. Fine dining that embraces the resources of the region. Capella Pedregal's creative cuisine is inspired by Mexico's native dishes. Created by some of the top chefs in the industry, every meal at Capella Pedregal offers up a symphony of flavor and color. Taste and texture.
Fitness Center
A state-of-the-art fitness center staffed with personal trainers

Hotel Address

Capella Pedregal Residences
Camino Del Mar - 1
Cabo San Lucas , B.C.S. 23455

Location Summary
From exploring the downtown marketplace to a sport fishing adventure reminiscent of The Old Man and the Sea, Cabo San Lucas offers unique experiences that can only happen in this one special town. A hike up Pedregal Mountain, surrounded by the desert vegetation of Mexico's fabled Baja Peninsula. A walk through the shallow tidewaters of the Pacific. A sunset you'll never forget. This is life as it should be. This is life at Capella Pedregal.

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