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Thursday, April 26, 2012

smells like caffee

It was around 10, this Sunday morning, me and Sats were late for the car free day, and decided to find a nice place for chitchatting and having breakfast. I remembered a place that we haven't visited on Dago street called The Harvest, so we went there cycling and whoaaaaa...!! what a nice place.. ^o^

The Harvest is a pastry shop. They have so many kind of chocolate-based foods.. Buns, biscuits, cakes, ooohhh so lovely..!!! Hey, you can see that they have gift packages too.. It would be nice to have a cute little teddy bear that hug a pack of chocolate, don't you think? :)

Chocolate is one of my favorite and this place is definitely goes on my favorite list! I'll show you why...
Yuuhuuu.. because their chocolates are just G.R.E.A.T..!! Yum yuuuummm.. :D
We had a chocolate bun, a smoked beef and cheese rissole, and one tiramisu cake. Well yeah, that was too much for a breakfast for two of us, but they were just too good to ignored.. :P

The harvest has some coffee-based beverages too, but unfortunately, I must say, they were not as good as their chocolate. I didn't tried out the espresso but my cafe latte was just mmmm.. good enough. So does the cappuccino. I hardly smell the coffee, it was just caramel.. Wait, I didn't order caramel, I thought I said a vanilla cafe latte.. Anyway, it wasn't bad at all.. ;)
and then there were raining for hours.. We decided to have lunch there too.. Sats choose an aglio olio fettuccine while I had a cream of chicken soup. They both taste great! With nice garnish and cute tableware. I like a cafe or restaurant that pick some good stuff for their place. For me, that means the owner loves the place.. :D
The Harvest is not a new one actually, they have some stores at Jakarta, one at Surabaya and the one here in Bandung is the new one. I haven't travel a lot this couple of months, but I've heard that they have a good reputation at Jakarta, as one of the best cake shop in town. I couldn't agree more, I can say that The Harvest is one of the best here in Bandung too.. ;)

So, when you go travel to Bandung, don't forget to come to The Harvest and try them out..?! Hey, almost forgot to tell you, they have ice creams too.. and a wine bar upstairs.. I should try them out later..

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