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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bandung - The Daily Photo

This yellow crown margarita is giving her charm to all creatures around her. This kind of margarita can be found everywhere arond the city. It is one of the 'official' ornament which can be found at small city gardens at most of intersections in Bandung.

  One corner at Bandung Super Mall (BSM), the largest mall in Bandung located at Jalan Gatot Subroto at South of Bandung. Before I moved to Cimahi, Patricia and I used to go to this mall. That time we bought everything for our daily life in this place, since they provide almost everything here.

  Finally, I really want to introduce our princess, Aita, to all of you. She is 5 year-old bird hunter, naughty! She becomes one of our reasons to laugh every day. Being a very good friend of ours, she always praises us every time we arrive at home. Her hobby is exploring the pines forest close to Lembang, 20 km to the north of Bandung.

This DVD black market, Kota Kembang at Dalem Kaum, was closed a couple months ago by the police. But when Patricia and I just passed by this place yesterday, they open it again! Kota Kembang was full with people hunting illegal DVDs, no, the legal one! :).

A collection of colorful dolls sold at Parijs van Java. A colourful life!

A night situation of another corner at Parijs van Java, full of lights here and there. PVJ is becoming the most favorite place to be visited in the weekend. I have to admit that they have a great concept of open air mall, and people love it!

The first thing that attracted us, Patricia and I, when we entered Fuego, the barbeque and grilled restaurant at Cihideung, was a beautiful wooden ceiling. This restaurant was newly opened at 2nd of June 2008, so it was the main reason why we choosed barbeque as our lunch. An open air concept gives a fresh environment and we enjoyed it very much. We ordered ribs, and guess what! Delicious! Fuego (spanish: fire) just gives more life to Cihideung. Though, I don't know why they tagged this restaurant in Spanish.

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