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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Julianne Hough: My dogs help me relax

Julianne Hough has joked she has “make-out sessions” with her dogs.

The star plays Ariel Moore in the upcoming Footloose remake, a small-town girl who falls for newcomer Ren McCormack.

The film’s catchy tagline is ‘Cut Loose’, and the actress-and-dancer jokingly revealed how she enjoys spending her downtime.

"I cut loose by playing with my dogs," she told MTV News. "They give me make-out sessions every morning in bed, and I love that; that's the best."

Kenny Wormald, who plays Ren in the upcoming movie, also revealed his favourite way to unwind. The actor likes to spend his time partaking in golf, which he says totally relaxes him.

"Aside from when I dance and break things in a warehouse?” he mused, making reference to a particular scene in the movie.

"I like to play golf. It kind of zens me out a little bit. There's a lot of cement in L.A., so I get off to a golf course, a beautiful green area, I love it."

Miles Teller plays Willard Hewitt in the musical movie. The American actor admitted that his love of dance sees him indulging in his favourite past time even when he’s alone.

"I'm not afraid to say it: I dance by myself in my room sometimes, and I have a disco ball that's in my bedroom that I plug in,” he quipped. Read more

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