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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trespass Set Was Like a Hospital Ward As Cage And Kidman Got Intense

Moviemaker Joel Schumacher was glad to have a military medic on the set of his new film Trespass because his "intense" stars were always getting injured.

The director reveals Cam Gigandet, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman were left battered and bruised following the film's most dramatic and violent scenes - and he was glad there was someone nearby who could stitch them up.

Schumacher tells Wenn, "I was gonna put a card at the end of the movie saying, 'No animals were hurt making this movie but every actor in it was!' "Nic (Cage) got a very mild concussion when Ben (Mendelsohn) slammed him on the floor in one scene at the beginning and Ben cut his eye open in another scene.

Nicole was just black, blue and purple (bruised).

And it was Kidman, who plays the victim of Gigandet and Mendelsohn's violent intruders in the film, who was the one calling for her male co-stars to treat her rough

Cam smashed this subzero refrigerator so hard in frustration he ripped the top ofhis hand off.

"We always had a medic, who was an ex-military medic, on set just in case anyone got hurt. There were accidents and no one planned them but whenyou have actors with this intensity they don't stop; they get lost in it". Read more at Female first uk

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