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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Prateik talks big

Makes tall claims that the warring Khans Shah Rukh and Salman have agreed to listen to his patch-up plans for them

Call him overambitious or just plain foolhardy, but Prateik has a dream that he wants to make happen before the release of his next film My Friend Pinto.

The actor has vowed to bring the two warring Khans-Shah Rukh and Salman-together.

Says the actor, "I can't understand why they're not friends! They're both so comfortable with their stardom and not threatened by anyone else's success. They're wonderful human beings.

I know them both and I love them equally. I want to bring them together because I see it as a futile war."

Interestingly, the newbie claims to have done what many (more established and respected seniors) in the industry have tried and failed. He alleges that the two superstars have actually agreed to listen to his patch-up plan for them!

Wisely, he decides not to reveal all at the moment. "I am not telling you my exact plan because I'm superstitious But, yes, I'm working on it. Read more

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