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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pakistan mission seeks update on Davis case: Report

Pakistan’s diplomatic mission in the US capital has asked the Justice Department for an update on its promised investigation into CIA contractor Raymond Davis’s last brush with the law, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

Davis, who shot and killed two Pakistanis in January, was charged with assault the other day — after a dispute outside a bagel shop in Colorado.

In an Oct. 3 diplomatic note to Justice and the State Department, Ambassador Husain Haqqani referenced “the ongoing investigation” and asked that “the latest status in the matter may kindly be conveyed to the Embassy.” Haqqani said no reply had yet been received.

Asked the same question, Justice Department spokesperson Laura Sweeney declined to comment on the department’s behalf.

Davis, whom President Obama once called “our diplomat,” was charged with murder after he shot dead two motorcyclists the contractor said were trying to rob him while he drove through Lahore in broad daylight. The United States claimed diplomatic immunity for Davis, although it later emerged that his direct employer was the CIA, for which he performed security functions in Lahore.

The administration demanded his release and temporarily cancelled high-level contacts with the Pakistan government.

Davis was eventually let go in March, after $2.3 million in traditional “blood money” was paid to the victims’ families. In a statement at the time of the release, the US ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, said that the families had “pardoned” Davis and expressed regret for the killings on behalf of the US government. Read more

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