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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nadia Coppolino "couldn't breathe" after having drink spiked

Nadia Coppolino has revealed how she collapsed at the weekend after allegedly having her drink spiked.

The partner of sports star Jimmy Bartel said that she started to feel nauseous and dizzy after having a drink at Lambys restaurant and bar in Geelong on Sunday night and went outside to get some air, but instead collapsed and got a mild concussion.

Coppolino told the Herald Sun: "I'd had a few drinks, but I knew I wasn't drunk. It was the strangest feeling I'd ever felt... I felt like I couldn't breathe. It's been horrible."

After the incident, Bartel took Coppolino home, but she later said: "I spoke to another girl who said it looked like I was spiked."

Coppolino was recently named as one of the most stylish WAGs to attend the Brownlow Medal sport event alongside Rebecca Judd and Taylor Wilson. Critics, however, have slammed the "sexist" turntable used to parade the women's outfits at the ceremony, comparing the guests to chickens on a rotisserie.Read more

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