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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bullock Having Trouble With The Curve?

We reported last week on Clint Eastwood looking to put the Beyonce pregnancy delay on A Star is Born to good, if unexpected use by agreeing to star for the first time in years in a film he isn’t directing. Now it looks like he might have a co-star for Trouble with the Curve, as Sandra Bullock is apparently in talks to sign on.

Curve, which is being planned as the directorial debut of Clint’s regular producing partner/ assistant director Robert Lorenz (hence why the actor is even considering the idea), will star Eastwood as a baseball scout nearing the end of his career who also happens to be battling the slow encroachment of blindness.

To that end, he decides to take his daughter on his latest trip to Atlanta, where he’s going to see a likely future star player. According to Twitch, Bullock is Eastwood and Lorenz’ top choice to play that role, which would mean more solid drama work for her. She’s been on a run of those since scoring an Oscar for The Blind Side – Bullock has Stephen Daldry’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close up for release next, followed by Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

There’s no word on Curve might get started shooting, but Eastwood and Lorenz already have a script in hand from Randy Brown.(Empire Online)

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